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    The SignMe system designed by Golden Developer and the first version was launched in 2009, then more than 40 releases were launched. The system works successfully in many government and private agencies in different countries. The SignMe system contains multiple technologies such as OCR to recognize letters and numbers in National ID, Driver Licence and passports, LPR to recognize the license plate numbers, as well as the facial recognition system in addition to the complete integration with the Access Control System and Surveillance Cameras. Golden Developer company offers multiple versions of the SignMe System to suit different business sizes, for example, Premium and Lite System. The SignMe mobile and web app are also available. We will be glad to contact you to know more about SignMe.


    Similarity between the visitor and the ID photo

    The SignMe system can compare the similarities between the visitor’s picture during login and the visitor’s picture recorded on the ID card or passport, in order to make sure the visitor accessing using his real ID.

    Egyptian National ID Reader in Text

    High reliability OCR Engine, the system reads the national ID card and other custom cards data such as a driver’s and car’s license and converts it into text in few seconds and saves it in the system’s databases while keeping a photocopy of those documents. Files are saved in .gds format, a technology that works to save, manage and recall data of millions of visitors without consuming hard disk space or affecting the speed of the system’s operation.

    Read passport data for all countries

    The SignMe system can recognize international passports and get all the data recorded on the passport in text format within 5 seconds and also the system save a photocopy of the passport in the .gds format that allows searching within files saved on the server by search factors such as name, number Passport, nationality, age, birthdate and more search features.

    Take visitor photos

    The SignMe system automatically captures the visitor during sign in and sign out and keeps them in the visitor’s profile, for reference when needed. One or more cameras can be combined with the SignMe system with the ability to recognize the face and compare it with the photo installed on the access card or the image installed on the identity card or passport.

    Send alerts

    The system sends alerts to the host or visitor alike by SMS and e-mail. In the event of Visitor Arrival, Check Out, or ban, or if a new appointment is registered. And also send electronic invitations for the visitors.

    Visit permits

    The host or the administrator can register a visit permit for an individual or company through the web application or the mobile application with specifying multiple access levels and conditions for the visit.

    Permanent or subscribed visitor

    SignMe allows the issuance of cards with long-term validity that enables the beneficiary to use them to enter, exit and move in the interior. The subscriber’s photo is recorded on the system and can be printed on the electronic card. The card owner’s actions are linked to the surveillance cameras, as well as monitoring screens that display automatically a comparison between the subscriber’s picture during entry and exit and the subscriber’s image recorded on the system. This is to ensure that the user of the card is the same owner and owner of the image printed on the card and not another person.

    Common Questions

    The SignMe system saves time and effort, as the system can recognize the visitor’s data printed on the identity card / passport / … and save it inside the databases in text format in a time not exceeding 5 seconds in addition save soft-copy of it. The system compares at the same time whether the person’s data is saved in one of the blacklist and if the person has access to the visit place. Also, at the same time, the system takes a picture of the visitor face and saves it in the system database. This is done in few seconds and a group of visitors can also be registered with one click. This makes SignMe more than any other traditional system in addition to the many unique features that SignMe offers (please see the features section above and below).

    The SignMe system designed by Golden Developer company and the first version was launched in 2009, then consecutively 40 releases were launched. The system works successfully in many government and private agencies in different countries. The SignMe system includes multiple technologies such as OCR for letter and number recognition, LPR for license plate numbers and facial recognition, as well as the fully integration with Access Control and Surveillance Cameras.

    More Features

    Charts and diagrams

    Authentication by Face Recognition

    Fingerprint authentication

    Issuing Printed Visit Cards

    Register Car Plate Automatically using SignMe LPR camera

    Register and Manage the Belongings of Visitors

    Access Control Unit & Electronic Gates Control

    Mobile Application

    Management and registration of transit and permanent visitors

    IDs Recognition & OCR

    Read and record cards in one go

    Issuing electronic visit cards

    Dynamic Map

    Allow and block lists

    Multiple access

    Email and SMS alerts

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